How can I make money online with clickfunnels ?

 How can I make money online with clickfunnels ?

today I'm going to show you how to make money online with one of the best programs online.
you probably haven't heard of it before but I'm going to show you exactly how you can make money with this program.
I make over a hundred dollars per day with this particular program.
 I'm going to take you to step by step on how this works and help you understand how you can make money online by doing this.
 without having your own product.
how can you get started and what's the best way to actually do this?
what we do is go and get these products and get what we call an affiliate link and we can actually get a specific link.
Then we promote the link in one of the following ways (online email marketing, branded video content, social media marketing, bing ads, google adwords ad, push notifications ......etc  )
 We will talk about this website called clickfunnels can actually create funnels and all that sort of stuff but you can.
 also, promote specific products that they have by going to down the bottom clicking affiliates you can simply go to a page like this and you can sign up as an affiliate now.
let me open up a few real quick here this one there's lots of products that you can promote.

How can i make money with clickfunnels ?

ways to make money

We will talk a little bit about the traffic and tracking Websites

money making websites

make money online ads

Traffic Websites 

bing ads:

Bing ads, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has three search engines - Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.

So you need to advertise on one platform, and your ad actually appears on all three.

Search campaigns are opened on all sites owned by Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, as well as many sites owned by them.

google adwords ad : 

Google Ads contains two ad networks:

Search Network: Advertisers make text advertisements to show up on the web index results page (SERP).

Display Network: Advertisers create display ads to appear on a large number of websites across the Internet.

Social media ads

Social media ads are ads that are displayed to users on social media platforms.

Social networks use all the data that users share to deliver high-quality content when social advertising can generate more conversions and sales at a lower acquisition cost.

It is one of the fastest and most effective ways at the present time to reach a target audience.

Push notifications

Push notifications are popup messages on all browsers no matter what type of device they are using or what type of browser they are using they are clickable to appear.

  It is a channel of rapid communication that allows companies to convey their messages and offers to their customers.

As long as subscribers are online or have their browsers running on their devices they are still receiving this type of message ad.

Tracking Websites


Voluum is a marketing performance analytics software for marketers, in-house media buyers, and agencies. 

It allows you to manage, track and optimize all your paid and membership traffic sources through a single platform. 

Among its features, Voluum provides AI-based tools for automatic traffic optimization and also enables teams to collaborate on different access levels. 

The Banking Standards infrastructure ensures that your data remains secure and campaigns run all the time.

Click Magic

ClickMagick is a software or web application that allows its users to perform various actions using any of the URLs they promote.

They have more than 120 different features that help you earn more money from the internet.
Clickmagick is a program that needs to be practiced, not for the faint of heart, and I will not blame you if you experience some paralysis by using it.

 To make it a bit easier for you, I'd like to highlight what I feel are the top 10 features of Clickmagick. These are the features that every average internet marketer will want to use.

(Link cloaking, Track Sources of Traffic, Track Authenticity and Quality of Traffic, Track Conversion Values, Create Split Tests, Track Pages That You Don't Own, Create and Add Custom Tracking and Retargeting Pixel to Any Links, "Link Down" Monitoring, Import Export Data )


Bemob is a program for tracking ads of marketers that helps them analyze and improve campaigns and also helps increase investment returns.

It gained popularity because it offers a free version.

It is an optimized ad tracking solution that helps companies track, scale and manage campaigns on a customized dashboard.

You can use this profitable method creating a mini-course on udemy let me show you how:

first udemy it's a website where you could go and add online courses, now if you go to udemy and you type click funnels there's gonna be courses on how to use click funnels.

if you go and click on it, you see that's very simple thing, you can go and just review simple things of how to use the program itself.

if people are getting free value in this course they're going to go ahead and they click on your links and buy your affiliate stuff, you can go and show people you know how to navigate the dashboard and sign in to your account and how to become an affiliate right.

this will build your brand and build that no like and trust factor with your audience and people are going to enroll in your course and you're going to get people to your affiliate links.

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